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About me

I was born in *1979 in Ivancice (Czech Republic)


My journey towards the art has been a gradual search and gathering of experience. My creative activity was made more profound by means of studying of books and works of art of sculpturers and painters.


I was constantly watching their work and that was the impuls for my own creative outlet in painting and drawing, where i was struggling to picture the light and the shadow.

The more i tried to picture a face expression, a contour, a silhouette , the more i was eager to materialize the thought, the idea. With my own hands. That was the moment when my attention was caught by the contemporary artists woodcarvers. I was searching for the path towards becoming a sculpturer and thus fulfilling my need. I found it in the wood of precious trees. My handicraft is expressed in the beauty of wood.


I devote myself to woodcarving of art, painting nad sculpturing. I can offer for sale my work, production on order, making my own design based on the surroundings and placement of the work of art, or creating based on your model or idea.


My work is represented in private collections in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy and the USA.


"I create for the beauty and fulfillment, for love towards art itself."

                                                                Thank you all. Martin Lorenc



Martin Lorenc

Veselská 49

Popůvky 664 41



Tel.: +420608621476

E-mail: martin.loren@centrum.cz


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